Great list from Ghostbin :

The Big Tech Exodus – Version 1.06

The Creepy Line (Show this to as many people as possible):

The Great Reset “You Will Own Nothing & You Will Be Happy”:

Website for finding alternative software:

Social Media Alternatives:

Instead of Twitter or Facebook, use Minds, Gab, Pleroma or Mastodon:

Centralized: (front-end mirror for twitter)

Decentralized (Federated): (twitter-like) (twitter-like) (facebook-like) (facebook-like)

Based Federated Servers:

Normal or Cucked Federated Servers:

Instead of reddit, use ruqqus or saidit: (front-end mirror)

Instead of Instagram, use PixelFed: (front-end mirror for Instagram)

Messenger/Communication/Email Alternatives:

Instead of Whatsapp or Snapchat, use Signal, Jami, Tox or Telegram:

More information:

Instead of Zoom, use Jitsi:

Instead of Discord, use Matrix, Rocketchat or Mumble: (Read about Matrix here)

Based Element Servers: (cucked, but not discord. Divide the market)

Instead of Gmail, use these:

Fixing your Internet:

Instead of Chrome/Firefox, use Ungoogled Chromium: (Marmaduke)

Bromite for Android:

Prefer Firefox?

Essential Browser addons: (Best adblocker by far) (Always uses https when possible) (Protects you against tracking) (Adblocker that hurts google’s ad revenue) (Deletes your cookies automatically when not in use)

Instead of Google, use Searx or Yacy for searching: (at least it’s not google)

Instead of Wikipedia, use Everipedia and Citizendium:

Instead of Youtube, use Freetube, Invidious, DTube, lbry, Odysee and Bitchute: (can watch youtube videos without being tracked) (can watch youtube videos without being tracked)

Decentralized (Federated):

Instead of Amazon, support small, local businesses.

Instead of Twitch, use DLive:

Instead of Netflix and any of those streaming subscriptions, use Jellyfin:

Bonus: Combine it with Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett and Deluge: (Make sure you mask your IP before using)

Instead of using your default DNS (or google DNS), use DNS.Watch:

Instead of Godaddy, use Epik or njalla:


If you decide to buy a VPN subscription, make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Based outside of 14-eyes jurisdiction (
  • Has a strict no-logging policy
  • Has a built-in killswitch
  • Has strong encryption (EG- OpenVPN with SHA-256) and PFS
  • Allows torrenting
  • Allows crypto payments

Misc Alternatives:

Using Windows? Run WindowsSpyBlocker:

Using an Android Phone? Get your apps from FDroid:

Instead of Google Drive/Onedrive/Dropbox/iCloud, use Nextcloud:

Instead of Google Maps, use Openstreetmap:

Instead of CCLeaner, use BleachBit:

When posting article links to any website, archive it then post:

Higher Level Security (for those wanting to take the next step)

Instead of Windows/Mac, use Linux: (for testing distros in a VM)

Ask in the thread about what distro is right for you.

Also, make sure to ask:

Instead of iOS/Android, use LineageOS or GrapheneOS:

and use MicroG:

Private, Secure Computer Hardware:

If you have a RaspberryPi or a Home Server, get Pihole:

and add some blocklists:


Encrypt your files:

Instead of fiat, bitcoin or crypto exchanges, use anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero, and P2P exchanges like Bisq:

If you run an Unraid Server:

Instead of using your router’s default firmware, install a secure, open source firmware:


Instead of the Clearnet, use the Darknet:

Using these is perfectly legal, just remember to avoid illegal activity.

Tor is not a honeypot. Mandatory reading:


Intel Management Engine and why it’s bad:

Disabling Intel Management Engine (Warning: Requires extreme autism):

Software Repositories:

Improve your security: