Hack the “Political Hacks”

Step By step guide to Run for your local election.

  1. Find out if you are eligible:
    1.  Are you old enough? (Check your local age limit)
    2. Are you a citizen?
    3. Are you Registered in the right place?
    4. Do you live in the District you’re running for?
    5. Do you have a conflict of interest?
    6. Do you have a record that prevents you from running?
  2. Become a Candidate:
    1. Go to your city clerk (possibly online) 
    2. Get your paperwork before the deadline.
    3. Sign and Affidavit Sign pic
    4. Get the nomination Petition paperwork
    5. Get signatures
    6. Turn in your nomination paperwork to the city clerk. 
    7. Pay the fee: Around $200 or less depending on rules.
    8. Wait to get a response from the city clerk. waiting
  3. Run your campaign:
    1. Hire a team and/or get your friends to help.
    2. Develop a message 
    3. Share your message
    4. Fundraise  
    5. Get people to vote for you through their leaders
    6. Wait for results

What You May Not Know…

  1. Many candidates, all over the country, won races because no one ran against them
  1. If you have a cool name people might just vote for you. Many animals have been voted in office because of their name.
  1. You may not need any money to get your name on the ballot if you have more signatures.
  2. Dead people have been voted in office. 
  3. You don’t need experience! Learn on the job.
  4. In your Bio information don’t be politically correct. Example: Joe Miller, “Patriotic” janitor! Jill Thomas, “tree-hugging” gardener. 
  5.  What you do for a living is less important than letting people know what you stand for.